The Urban collection is very versatile due to its three surfaces - Slate, Rough and Stripes – which can be used independently or combined among them.
Slate was inspired on stucco surfaces, where the mortar leaves visible the marks of its application. A texture that let us see the hint of the spatulated mortar. The irregularities, the outlines, the spots due to quick drying are part of its personality definition. Rough is a surface that simulates the effects of the passage of time through a bush hammered texture where aging contributes to give it an even more special and unique touch. Stripes has definitely a structure that is highlighted in its irregular lines, which provide movement to the pieces and spaces it lines up. The lines elongate and provide depth or height, according to the orientation given in its application. The Urban collection is available in 3 colours – white, beige and grey – and in sizes: 35x100 rectified, 30x60 rectified and 31x62. Urban is a wall tiles collection that meets the expectations of consumers who look for materials’ randomness and sturdiness.
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35x100 | 31x62 |30x60
8,5mm | 10mm


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Wall tiles
Coordinated floor tiles

Wall tiles

  • Urban Rough White
  • Urban Slate White
  • Urban Stripes White
  • Urban Rough Beige
  • Urban Slate Beige
  • Urban Stripes Beige
  • Urban Rough Grey
  • Urban Slate Grey
  • Urban Stripes Grey


  • Urban Town White
  • Urban Town Beige
  • Urban Town Grey
  • Urban White Mosaico
  • Urban Beige Mosaico
  • Urban Grey Mosaico
  • Urban City White Mosaico
  • Urban City Beige Mosaico
  • Urban City Grey Mosaico

Coordinated floor tiles

  • Nest White
  • Nest Beige
  • Nest Grey
  • Wildwood White
  • Wildwood Beige
  • Wildwood Tortora
  • Wildwood Light Grey
  • Wildwood Grey
  • Ground White
  • Ground Cream
  • Ground Tortora
  • Ground Light Grey
  • Ground Grey
  • Fusion White
  • Fusion Beige
  • Fusion Brown
  • Fusion Tortora
  • Fusion Grey
  • Place White
  • Place Tortora
  • Place Light Grey
  • Place Grey
  • Place Antracite

Special pieces

Suggestion for coloured grouts

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