Genesis: at the cutting-edge of design.
We went back to the roots where everything began. In a true awakening of senses, we find textures and decorations with a bond to sensory origins, to touch and visual sensations. A colourful and textural combination, collection settings bring terrain and sensory elements, as a starting point heading to elegance and irreverence.
Versatile, Genesis present ten different structures. Float, Desert, Dune and Wind remind fluidity and continuous movement. With Stellar and Rise we can understand the constant attraction for tridimensional and strong design. As with Palm and Leaf nature patterns are visible and clear. 

Its smooth colours also allows to build minimalistic settings and combine them with bold decoration. White and Sand are truly smoother and trendy colours, as for Black, Deep Blue and Red we can see the intense side of this collection. 

Its three available formats - 45x120, 35x100 e 30x60 – are the answer to residential and commercial wall coverings. 
Catálogo Love Tiles
45x120 | 35x100
Matt | Glossy
11,5 MM | 10 MM
8,5 MM



Click on the wall tiles that suits you best and let us guide you through our suggestions.
Wall tiles

Wall tiles

  • Genesis White Matt
  • Light Branco Brilho
  • Genesis Sand Matt
  • Genesis Black Matt
  • Genesis Red Matt
  • Genesis Deep Blue Matt
  • Genesis Stellar White Matt
  • Genesis Stellar Sand Matt
  • Genesis Stellar Black Matt
  • Genesis Stellar Red Matt
  • Genesis Float White Matt
  • Genesis Float Sand Matt
  • Genesis Float Black Matt
  • Genesis Float Red Matt
  • Genesis Palm White Matt
  • Genesis Desert White Matt
  • Genesis Desert White Shine
  • Genesis Dune White Matt
  • Genesis Wind White Matt
  • Genesis Wind White Shine
  • Genesis Leaf White Matt
  • Genesis Leaf Deep Blue Matt
  • Genesis Rise White Matt
  • Genesis Rise Deep Blue Matt
  • Genesis Reef White Matt
  • Genesis Arid White Shine
  • Genesis Skin White Matt
  • Genesis Reef Deep Blue Matt
  • Genesis Green Matt
  • Genesis Leaf Green Matt
  • Genesis Reef Green Matt


  • Genesis Stellar Gold Matt
  • Genesis Stellar Silver Matt
  • Genesis Stellar Copper Matt
  • Genesis Float Gold Matt
  • Genesis Float Silver Matt
  • Genesis Float Copper Matt
  • Genesis Palm Gold Matt
  • Genesis Palm Silver Matt
  • Genesis Palm Copper Matt
  • Genesis Desert Gold Matt
  • Genesis Desert Gold Shine
  • Genesis Desert Silver Shine
  • Genesis Desert Silver Matt
  • Genesis Desert Copper Matt
  • Genesis Desert Copper Shine
  • Genesis Dune Gold Matt
  • Genesis Dune Silver Matt
  • Genesis Dune Copper Matt
  • Genesis Wind Gold Matt
  • Genesis Wind Gold Shine
  • Genesis Wind Silver Matt
  • Genesis Wind Silver Shine
  • Genesis Wind Copper Matt
  • Genesis Wind Copper Matt
  • Genesis Wind Copper Shine
  • Genesis Leaf Gold Matt
  • Genesis Leaf Silver Matt
  • Genesis Leaf Copper Matt
  • Genesis Rise Gold Matt
  • Genesis Rise Silver Matt
  • Genesis Rise Copper Matt
  • Genesis Arid Gold Shine
  • Genesis Arid Silver Shine
  • Genesis Arid Copper Shine
  • Genesis Reef Gold Matt
  • Genesis Reef Silver Matt
  • Genesis Reef Copper Matt
  • Listelo Brushed Gold
  • Listelo Brushed Silver
  • Listelo Shine Silver
  • Listelo Brushed Bronze
  • Listelo Blink Gold
  • Listelo Blink Silver Matt
  • Listelo Blink Silver
  • Listelo Blink Bronze Matt
  • Listelo Blink Bronze

Suggestion for coloured grouts

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