Skirting board with a curved based designed so as not to accumulate dirt and to facilitate cleaning. Normally used in hospital, laboratories and industrial kitchens.
Laid directly on the floor against the base tile.
Note: there may be differences in shades from the base ceramic tile as a different production method is used.

Measures the resistance to wear and tear. The lower this value, the more resistant the ceramic tile.

The production batches may have inevitable differences in sizes, which in no way affect the application of the material with the corresponding minimum joint.

The dimensions shown in catalogues and on boxes are the nominal measurements. The real measurements should be consulted in the table of calibres.

This is a product with two different types of clay, which gives a random pattern.

Also known as warping.
Due to the manufacturing process, ceramic tiles are always curved. This curvature can be concave or convex.

Material laid on the floor or the ground. Flooring and paving meet all aesthetic requirements but also have technical functions as they can be given the protection necessary to resist the various uses they will be subject to

Flooring and paving are used indoors and outdoors according to their characteristics. In the latter case, it must be particularly resistant to weather conditions in order to avoid surface deterioration over time.
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